• High-pressure water cutting
  • High-pressure water cutting

    Water Jet Cutting is the high-pressure water jet cutting technology is a machine that uses high-pressure water to cut.

    Features and advantages:

    1. Wide cutting range
    Can cut most materials, such as: metal, marble, glass, etc.
    2. Good cutting quality
    Smooth incision, will not produce rough, burr edges.
    3. No heat processing
    Because it uses water and abrasive cutting, no heat (or very little heat) is generated during processing. This effect is ideal for materials affected by heat. Such as: titanium.
    4. Environmental protection
    This kind of machine uses water and sand to cut, this kind of sand will not produce poisonous gas during the processing process, and it can be discharged directly, which is more environmentally friendly.
    5. No need to change tools
    You don't need to replace the cutting machine device, one nozzle can process different types of materials and shapes, saving cost and time.
    6. Reduce burrs
    Waterjet cutting with abrasive sand has fewer burrs.